Nostos within the tourism context: Perspectives from young adults

Co-authored with Prokopis Christou and Elias Hadjielias. The paper has been published in the Journal of Tourism Research, Volume 19, 2018, Pages 147-158.

Nostos derives from the ancient Greek νόστος, essentially describing the desire for a return journey.
Since archaic eras, humans have been faced with a disgruntled yearning to relive the past, often
leaving them with a sense of ache (algos). In current days, the tourism industry and organizations
within often stimulate nostalgia, in an endeavor to augment visitor experiences. Even so, there is
so far no evidence to suggest that objects and displays offered as nostalgic triggers address a wide
spectrum of visitors, particularly the young population. Findings derived from informal interviews
with young adults at a specific cruise ship setting with a contemporary yet vintage ambiance
address this gap in the literature. In doing so, the study adds to the body of knowledge of this rather
unexplored phenomenon, while discussing certain theoretical and organizational implications.