Konstantinos Melas, Ph.D.

Maritime Economist

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Konstantinos (Kostis) Melas, Ph.D. - Lecturer in Shipping and Finance at Metropolitan College (Greece)

Short Bio

Konstantinos Melas is a Programme leader of Business programmes at Metropolitan College (Thessaloniki, Greece) and a Post-doctoral researcher in Supply Chain Finance at the University of Western Macedonia (Kastoria, Greece). His research interests cover maritime economics, commodity markets, logistics and corporate finance. He has published his papers, in established refereed journals, such as, International Economics, Maritime Economics & Logistics, Review of Behavioral Finance, among others. He holds a Ph.D. in Commerce, Finance and Shipping from Cyprus University of Technology, a M.Sc. in International Accounting and Finance from City University, London and a B.Sc. in Economics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Before joining the academia, he has worked in junior managerial positions in the shipping and the asset management sectors.

Peer reviewed Publications


The relationship between shipping freight rates and inflation in the Euro Area

Co-authored with Nektarios Michail and Lena Cleanthous. The paper has been published in International Economics journal.


Geopolitical Risk and the LNG-LPG Trade

Co-authored with Nektarios Michail. The paper has been published in Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy journal.


Dynamic Volatility Spillovers and Investor Sentiment Components Across Shipping Freight Markets

Co-authored with Photis M. Panayides and Dimitris A. Tsouknidis. The paper is published in the Maritime Economics & Logistics journal.


Container shipping trade and real GDP growth: A panel vector autoregressive approach

Co-authored with Nektarios Michail and Dimitris Batzilis . The paper has been published in Economics Bulletin. 2021. Vol. 41, Issue 2, p.304-315


Shipping markets in turmoil: An analysis of the Covid-19 outbreak and its implications

Co-authored with Nektarios Michail. The paper has been published in Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Volume 7, September 2020, 100178.


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Press releases


Russian–Ukrainian war: How will the Greek ports be affected?

The article was published in the May/June 2022 issue of Greek Business File


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