Corporate governance in the shipping industry

Book chapter about the corporate governance of the listed shipping companies. It is included in The Routledge Handbook of Maritime Management, Edited By Photis M. Panayides, 2020, ISBN 9780367729912.

In the current chapter, light is shed in the corporate governance of the maritime enterprises, given that the latter safeguarding systems aim both to enhance businesses with defenses against corporate frictions and additionally create teams which will invigorate the enterprises both operationally and financially in the context of international financial markets. Initially, a literature review of the relevant bibliography reveals the unique characteristics of the shipping industry as far as corporate practices and their outcomes are concerned.

Moreover, the chapter discusses how corporate governance affects enterprises at large and why both academics and professionals have been active in the field trying both to grasp the conundrum of corporate boards and additionally to create ameliorating policies. Finally, exploratory research is conducted to reveal the demographic profile of the corporate boards. The revealed trends of the last 15 years that will provide the reader of the following chapter with an insight of the practices that maritime enterprises have been using in order to provide better mechanisms of governance that can safeguard the entities as a whole.